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Why you Need a Mentor

Mentoring is important in educational and business environments. In as much has its benefits are clear, it is sad to note that few active mentors exist. This leaves enough space for us to consider being mentors. It is a great way of ensuring that more of us follow the right path to success.

Mentoring relationships will be based on three key areas. They can be used when it comes to academic, career, or personal development needs. Academic success mentoring came in as the most formal and recognized type. Most educational institutions are aware of the existing academic mentoring programs. It usually has its objectives set to cover the duration the student shall be spent in college, for example. The mentor shall address different aspects of the student’s life in school, to make sure they are in the most optimal condition to learn and pass all their tests.

Mentoring for business or career goes beyond the academic angle. It takes a longer time, and can be joined at different times, depending on the person searching. It is, however, common to see those in college seeking it, through their alumni association. An organization like the Honor Society, for instance, draws its pool of mentors form alumni, as well as other recruited specialists. They will help you get into the desired field, and teach you how to excel there, while upholding your integrity and identity. They will also serve as periodic sources of reflection on the strides covered, and what needs to be done to improve your career prospects.

Personal development is taken care of through the period you address the other two areas. There are many things you will learn that will go towards forging a better erosion of yourself. Qualities such as networking, discipline, and hard work shall be imparted along the way.

For the best mentoring relationship, it is best on to choose a mentor who is not direct contact when it comes to supervision, both at work and in school. You need a mentor that inspires you to do more to improve all areas of your life. They should not let you switch off after you have managed a target you had set earlier. You need to be comfortable interacting with them. This is how you can trust them enough to remain open with them.

When choosing a mentor, you need to be clear on what you need them for. You then need to openly and discuss this with them, and see if they are willing to accompany you on that journey. There needs to be a clear way on how this shall be achieved, as you stay in touch. As soon as you have made it through a given challenge, celebrate it with them, then set a higher challenge.

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