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How to Pick a Good Product Photographer for Your Website

Good product photographs can mean a world of difference between when it comes to selling them, especially on the Internet. Here are some important considerations to make before choosing a professional product photographer to hire:

Overall Feel

Let’s begin with your website’s general layout and message. How are the pictures supposed to fit in? Are you aiming for a cool, sophisticated look, or something warm and friendly? What is the main emotion that you want your customers to feel when looking at the pictures?

Considering Costs

When trying to estimate the cost of the shoot, there are a some things you need to keep in mind. For example, the photographer’s physical location and whether the travel costs will be significant are two factors that should be taken into account. Whether you have a small or big project is of course another factor you should look into. Will payment be made per project or per photo? What must must be photographed and how complex is the result you’re aiming for? For example, watches, jewelry and other reflective objects are more challenging to photograph compared to clothing garments.

Also consider whether the pictures will also used in newspapers, magazines or other media. These are also factors that can affect your final bill. Generally, photographers will own the copyright to the pictures and license their use with specific terms, such as publishing the images on your website for three years. Thankfully, this is negotiable, depending on your needs. When choosing a photographer therefore, make sure it’s someone who is customer-oriented, someone who will listen to you and make sure you are satisfied.

Laying Down Details

An vital part of this discussion concerns details of the photo session itself – for instance, lighting, background, style, and so on. All these have to be in writing to keep future disputes at bay. As well, take sample shots of some items first so you can check if the quality is good enough for you, and ensure that there will be no need for costly re-shoots.

Post Processing

Finally, just before you have the shoot, talk to the photographer about how much post processing you’re comfortable with. Basics include brightness, contrast and colour balancing adjustments, but how about more complex editing techniques like masking out backgrounds? This level of processing is actually even outsourced to specialists in most cases.

With professional product photographs, your website’s value can increase with little hassle. But before anything, you have to choose a good photographer. There are lots of product photographers these days, but spend time checking their work and looking for someone you have personal chemistry with. You don’t only want someone who does the job right but is also a pleasure to work with.

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