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Best Means of Weed Removal from Lakes

Its very crucial to control lake vegetation since its very dangerous to navigators and lake animals. You should consider the IPM method to manage lake weeds. The IPM requires you to use biological, mechanical and chemical control. Its very advisable to start weed management program to manage dangerous weeds. You don’t have to worry since in this article I will give the methods you need to effectively manage the weeds.

Biological ways are usually less costly and simple. You can employ the triploid grass carp. In this method you use the triploid grass carp. Before using this method you should have a license. The value of the triploid depends on the area and the types of vegetation. The triploids should be used regularly to achieve better results. Biological techniques are cheap.

The Mechanical method is also a good way of achieving weed control. Mechanical weed control is usually a better method to use to manage lake weeds however it could be quite expensive to you. If you choose to use mechanical method to remove weeds then you have to remove the remains to prevent them from decomposing which could cause poor aeration in the lake. This method is effective at the start of growth of the vegetation. Instant removal of weeds prevent spreading.

Chemical elimination is another method to kill weeds. You should be very careful while using chemicals. Use of herbicides needs experts or authority. Although many people see it as expensive, its effective in completely eliminating the weeds. You should employ a specialist since this method is risky. Poor air penetration will kill sea creatures and cause diseases.

You can also use the herbicides to remove the weeds. Use of herbicides is successful when done during the spring season because the water temperatures are low and the amount of oxygen is extremely high. On the other side, it’s good to apply herbicides on weeds during the winter because the plants are usually dormant. You should make sure that you apply the herbicide on only a small portion of the pond and not everywhere. Using the herbicides on some places of the lake and leaving others will help you attain proper circulation. You need to first spot the weeds and then employ an effective management strategy to control them. Proper weed management helps you stop weed spreading and improve aquatic life and for easy sailing. You should employ these ways when you need to eliminate seaweeds.

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